Common Name: Blue Sage

  • Habit: Perennial Herb
  • Light: Full Sun (5+ hrs. direct sun)
  • Water Needs: Average, Dry
  • Height: 5-8′
  • Flower: Blue, Sept, Oct, Nov
  • Fruit: Small black seeds develop in base of floral tube.
  • Fall Color: No
  • Natural Habitat: Grasslands/Prairies

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Salvia azurea or Azure Blue Sage is a clump-forming perennial with long lanceolate gray-green leaves and whorls of blue, 1 inch long tubular flowers. Flowers are sky blue, have two prominent lips, and are borne in whorled clusters around the square stems. Will bloom several times throughout the season if dead flowers are removed and adequate moisture levels are maintained. Flowers are followed by brown tubular seed pods full of round black seeds.

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