Welcome to Website Orders FAQ

How do I place an order for plant pick up?

  • Order and pay for your plants at www.beechhollowfarms.com
  • Indicate on the order which location you want to pick up the plants at, either Lexington or Scottdale.

When will my website order arrive in Scottdale?

  • Beech Hollow usually has one weekly delivery between the farm in Lexington and our Scottdale location.

What is the cut off time for weekend plant pickup?

  • You may place an order by Monday afternoon for Thursday pickup.
  • This is a delivery option offered at no charge to customers.

Is there another delivery option?

  • Yes, private delivery services from the farm in Lexington to the nursery in Scottdale cost about $200 one way, as it is a two hour drive and a tank of gas.

Where will my plants be?

  • Once your plants arrive in Scottdale, they are held in the Pick up Corral.  Our staff will help you get your plants.


Picking up Your Plants

  • When you place your order and pay through the website, a receipt with an order number is automatically generated.
  • Please bring this receipt to the nursery to pick up your plants.
  • When you come to pick up your order, please tell a member of the staff you have an order for pick up.
  • You may use either the name on the order or the order number to help staff locate your order.
  • If you are picking up for someone else, it is very important to have the receipt available to make sure we have pulled the right order for you.