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Beech Hollow is all native plants all the time.  We have a lot of plants no one else carries.   Beech Hollow is dedicated to our communities, our public habitat and pollinator gardens.  We have a long history of working with conservation, green space, and nonprofit organizations to help them reinvigorate their local habitats and greenspaces.  Every year we donate plants to a couple of selected public greenspaces, and guide, educate and lead their volunteers in the installation of their native plant gardens. more here

The Right Plant in the Right Place

Habitat gardens can be bewildering. Butterflies need larval host plants for caterpillars, and nectar plants as adults. Which plants are xeric? Which plants want rich moist soil? What plant will bloom in the shade? Are there bushes that provide berries in the spring, during summer, fall, or winter? Which plants provide fall color, or are evergreen?

Here in the beeches where the Whipoorwills call, the winter winds blow and crisp leaves fall...

For more than a decade, the idea to propagate high quality, locally sourced, native plant species wove its way through the Williams’ Atlanta backyard, multiple school gardens and land management agencies, an environmental education non-profit organization, finally finding a home at Beech Hollow in 2009.

Beech Hollow's 120 acres contains dry uplands, moist bottomlands, granitic boulders, and numerous populations of native plants, including the majestic Beech grove. The varied ecotones and soil types make it a wonderful place to grow a wide variety of Georgia native plants in their preferred environment. Many of the seeds and cuttings that had been living in nursery pots and refrigerators for several years found a permanent home where they could put down roots and send their progeny back into Georgia's landscape. more here


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