Talks With Tonya

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Hi!  My name is Tonya Meeks.  I am a landscape designer.  I have a horticulture degree and am obsessed with plants.  Originally, I just wanted to make beautiful gardens, but the more I learned about ecology and how big of a role plants and garden practices play in sustaining and regenerating the health of our environment, I switched gears.  I am fascinated by the science of it.  Now in my design work, I primarily use native plants with the goal of using at least 70% native “straight species” plants, i.e not cultivars.  This number comes from a study done by Doug Tallamy which showed that when at least 70% of the plants in your yard were native it supported songbirds.  This is important because if songbirds can feed their young, it means you have created a thriving ecosystem in your own yard.  Imagine if we all did this! I also like the idea of changing people’s minds about  what they think is beautiful in the garden.  Lawns are overrated.

Pink House Designs is a landscape design company that specializes in creating thoughtful and beautiful landscapes with mostly native plants.  The goal for all our projects is to conserve natural resources, increase ecological biodiversity, and increase enjoyment of your space.

Our mission is to create regenerative landscapes that build habitat for people, wildlife, and pollinators.  We do this by sourcing organically grown native plants as much as possible, not using chemicals in the maintenance of the garden, building soil to increase plant health, and customizing our design to your unique needs and vision for your garden.

Services provided:

  • Talks with Tonya: Ask me all your plant and design questions!  I love talking about native plants, green mulching, meadow scaping, killing your lawn, rain gardens, hardscapes, outdoor room layouts, etc.
  • On-Site Consultations: I will come out to your property; we will walk through your space together.  We will discuss any challenges you may have as well as your goals for yard or green space.  We will cover plant identification, plant questions, care, brainstorming of ways to use your space. While there, I take measurements and photos of the space to aid in design development. This takes about 1-2 hours depending on size and scope of your project.
  • Landscape Design: Site specific design “Think right plant, right place”, catered to client’s needs and aesthetic.  The design starts with an on-site consultation.  The design plan includes “to scale” drawings, plant name, sizes and quantities, mood board, video presentation of plan, and care sheet if requested. This usually takes about a month to complete from start to finish.
  • Project Manager for installation with qualified local contractors
  • Seasonal Pruning: At hourly rate
  • Plant visits and Coaching: At hourly rate



Schedule a Consultation:

Meet me at Beech Hollow on Thursdays between 10am-12pm.  Bring pictures of your yard/site and/or inspiration photos.  We will discuss solutions to challenges you may have, design tips, plant/material options for your site, and recommended contractors for installation if you aren't a DIYer.  Consultations are $75/hr.

color drawing of a garden plan showing plants and buildings

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