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About Bird Friendly Coffee

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It is so good to start a chilly day with a hot cup of coffee…Imagine that fragrant mug of coffee in your hand... Close your eyes and imagine scattered sunlight sparkling on glossy leaves, birdsong, wing flutters, and leaf sounds. A shade grown coffee plantation. Every time you buy shade grown coffee, you support habitat.  Beautiful.  Read about the positive effects of shade grown coffee on the Smithsonian National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute's Migratory Bird Center Blog.  More here:

A note to our readers about Writes and Bytes:

It's not all bad news out there, either in the bits and bytes of the web, or in our forests, on the ground, and sometimes even our legislatures!

Writes and Bytes are cross posts from news media, science articles, blogs, zines, and websites that we feel feature well grounded, informative, and educational articles about native plants, native wildlife, and the habitats that support them.

Each cross post has two links, one within the text, and a second one at the end of the introduction.

We hope you enjoy these reads!

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