Styrax americanus, American Snowbell, is a small tree or shrub with drooping, bell-shaped white flowers in late spring.

Have you heard about native plants but don't know where to start? Or are you just constantly curious and want to learn from plant and wildlife experts? No matter who you are, we have a talk or workshop for you! Check out our Fall 2023 speaker list for our Intown location below:

Small Head Liatris, Liatris microcephala, blooms abundant spikes of purple flowers. This hardy plant thrives in this dry, sunny habitats like this one on Stone Mountain.

Xeriscape - the Dry Garden - with Andrea Greco

09/24/23  2 pm - 3:30 pm

Xeriscaping (zeh·ruh·skay·puhng) is a landscaping technique involving the use of conscientious design to create a drought tolerant and lower maintenance landscape that will conserve the use of supplemental water. While the Atlanta region typically experiences generous seasonal rainfalls, we regularly go through periods where rainfall is scarce and these drier durations may become increasingly more common due to climate change. Whether you are interested in reducing your water usage for conservation or cost reasons, or because of a stubbornly dry area of your yard, participation in this workshop will enable you with a skillset to address the challenge!

Class participants will receive a 15% discount on grasses or sedges offered in October.

Welcome to the Piedmont Prairie - with Linda Chafin

09/30/23   2 pm - 3:30 pm

Please join us Saturday September 30th from 2-3:30, as Georgia wildflower expert Linda Chafin gives a presentation about Piedmont Prairies in Georgia: are they really prairies? How do we know? What plants and animals are found there? Class starts at 2 pm and goes until 3:00, with time for questions and discussion after.

Bright yellow flowers of Rudbeckia hirta, Black-Eyed Susan, bloom among the grasses and wildflowers of the dynamic wetland prairie of Ohoopee Dunes, GA.

Linda's “Field Guide to the Wildflowers of Georgia and Adjacent States” will be available for sale. Class participants will receive a 15% discount on grasses or sedges offered in October.

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Hardwood forests, stream banks, and long abandoned battle fields offer diverse habitat for native plant communities at Historic Pickett's Mill in GA
Groundwaters flow to the surface of Dawson Forest, forming a seep. Various ferns and other lush wetland species make up this habitat’s biotic community.

Gardening Guided by Natural Communities - with Leslie Edwards

10/21/23 2 pm - 3:30 pm

One of the biggest challenges a native plant gardener faces is choosing which plants to grow where.  Learn how to situate yourself on the landscape and to recognize the plant communities most similar to your own garden setting for an inspiring and successful approach to plant choice.

In addition to giving talks and classes on natural communities, she enjoys spending time in her garden, which is certified by GNPS and Georgia Audubon.  Leslie Edwards is the lead author of The Natural Communities of Georgia, and copies of the book will be available for sale.

Class participants will receive a 15% discount on shrubs offered in October and November.

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Neil Norton, ISA certified master arborist, is pictured in a green pullover and field cap against the grey and deeply furrowed bark of a wide tree.

How to Plant a Tree - with Neil Norton

10/22/23    2 pm - 3:30 pm

Trees can outlive us by a few centuries, but only if we give them what they need to succeed.  Neil Norton will go over the best practices to help your green antidote to climate change (tree) Wildlife habitat (tree), and shade machine (tree), to adapt to its new home in your yard.   Class participants will receive a 15% discount on trees offered in October & November.  Here's to trees!

Neil Norton is an ISA-Certified Arborist since 2002 and earned his Master Arborist certification (#SO-4158B) in 2021.

Neil is passionate and active around issues of tree conservation and education, both locally and nationally.  He has served for almost eight years as the Executive Director of the Georgia Arborist Association, and works with other non-profit organizations around tree care and preservation issues.

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Avoid the Frankenforest! - with Kathryn Kolb

11/05/23 2 pm - 3:30 pm

Selecting the right tree for the right space is important to the health of the tree, the success of your planting plan and truly restoring native biodiversity. We often consider sun, shade, and moisture, but there's so much more – each tree species has an ecosystem niche where it will do best. Kathryn Kolb, Master Naturalist and Director of Ecoaddendum, creates greenspace and yard restoration plans,

Beyond a chain-link fence, a clipped lawn is scattered with trees which reach toward powerlines. The composition and placement of plantings gives an unnatural appearance to this landscape.

and helps forest managers as well as homeowners understand each landscape's unique potential for native ecosystem restoration.

Class participants will receive a 15% discount on trees offered in October and November. Here's to healthy trees!

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Jeff Killingsorth, Lauren Sandoval and Pandra Williams pose in an open field in June of 2010. Behind them is exposed soil which will be amended to create sunbeds at the Lexington farm.
A hole dug into the topsoil of this sunbed at the farm location demonstrates the final result of deeply amended soil in Lexington, GA.

How to Build Your Soil - with Jeff Killingsworth

11/12/23 2 pm - 3:30 pm

Does your garden struggle with clay soil? Welcome to Georgia! Clay is an important component of nutrient rich soil, but too much clay is hard for plants to deal with.  In the dog days of Southern summers, clay is as hard as a rock and plant roots can't penetrate it.  In Georgia's wet winters, clay makes a gloopy, gooey muck that can rot the best plants.  The good news is that there are easy solutions to creating good soil.

Jeff Killingsworth has worked in large gardens all over the Georgia Piedmont, from Beech Hollow's stock beds, to private Atlanta gardens, and currently in the gardens at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Jeff will cover topics including: soil food web basics, sheet mulching, and how to brew compost tea.  Jeff knows how to build good soil, and he's willing to show us how.

Class participants will receive a 15% discount on trees offered in October and November.

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