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Fearing the ‘Insect Apocalypse’?

Renowned Entomologist Says ‘Get Rid of Your Lawn’

article by Alex Ruppenthal

Thank you, public media!

Entomologist May Berenbaum has a lot of insights to offer in this article, which is definitely worth a read:

“Tiny little moths can be important in many ways,” said Berenbaum, who received the National Medal of Science in 2014 from former President Barack Obama. “Don’t dismiss an animal because it’s tiny. It could be playing an oversized role in the life of some other organism.”

“Get rid of your lawns,” she said. “Lawns are total biological deserts. It’s just grass with pesticides. The way it’s grown does not support a lot of biodiversity.”

Those are only two quotes.  The article is well written, have a look.

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