Common Name: American Ipecac

  • Habit: Perennial Herb
  • Light: Shade (< 2 hrs. direct sun), Part Shade (2-5 hrs. direct sun)
  • Water Needs: Moist, Average
  • Height: 2-5′
  • Flower: White, Pink, May, Jun
  • Fruit: Reddish-brown ovoid capsules containing seeds that persist into winter.
  • Fall Color: Yes
  • Natural Habitat: Floodplain/Marsh, Bottomland Deciduous Forest

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Gillenia stipulata has a tough, semi-woody rootstock that sprouts slender, reddish-colored, semi-erect, delicate stems lined with alternate, feathery palmate leaves and topped with wispy flowers. Flowers are white with five drooping petals that flutter in the breeze. The flowers are followed by brown seed capsules. Thrives in rich moist shady soil.

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