Common Name: Small Flowered Pawpaw

  • Habit: Tree, Shrub
  • Light: Part Shade (2-5 hrs. direct sun)
  • Water Needs: Average, Moist
  • Height: 5-8′
  • Flower: Maroon, Apr
  • Fruit: Yes, Yellow green fruit with soft edible flesh, large brown seeds.
  • Fall Color: Yes
  • Natural Habitat: Bottomland Deciduous Forest, Upland Deciduous Forest
  • Larval host for: Zebra Swallowtail (Eurytides marcellus)

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Asimina parviflora is an upright small tree with an oval crown. Reddish-brown flowers give way to small green-yellow fleshy edible fruits somewhat like papaya. Fruits can be made into jams and attract birds and other wildlife. Foliage turns yellow in fall.

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