Common Name: Parsley Hawthorn

  • Habit:Shrub, Tree
  • Light: Part Shade (2-5 hrs. direct sun), Full Sun (5+ hrs. direct sun)
  • Water Needs: Average, Dry
  • Height: 8-15′
  • Flower: White, Mar, Apr
  • Fruit: Clusters of bright red berries that may persist through the fall into winter.
  • Fall Color: Yes
  • Natural Habitat: Upland Deciduous Forest, Woodland Edge
  • Larval host for: Waved Sphinx Moth (Ceratomia undulosa)

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Crataegus marshallii is an upright small tree with a slender trunk and many lateral branches bearing large thorns. Tiny bright green cleft leaves are very distinctive and resemble the leaves of parsley. Clusters of small white flowers are followed by bright red berries that persist into winter. The thorny cover and berries attract many birds. The leaves turn bright orange to red hues in the fall.

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