Common Name: Pink Milkweed

  • Habit: Perennial Herb
  • Light: Part Shade (2-5 hrs. direct sun), Full Sun (5+ hrs. direct sun)
  • Water Needs: Average, Moist, Wet
  • Height: 2-5′
  • Flower: Pink, Violet, May, Jun, Jul
  • Fruit: 4 or 5 inch long green seed pods that resemble okra. Pods turn brown and then split as they ripen.
  • Fall Color: No
  • Natural Habitat: Floodplain/Marsh, Woodland Edge
  • Larval host for: Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus ), Queen Butterfly (Danaus gilippus)

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Asclepias incarnata has upright, often multiple, semi-woody stems that sprout from a tuber-like root.  The stems are lined with large, opposite, lance-shaped leaves and topped with multiple clusters of small flowers. The tiny flowers are pink to light purple-colored with a complex arrangement of five reflexed petals and are followed by a ribbed seed pod full of wispy cotton-like fibers attached to seeds that are wind-dispersed. This plant is toxic if ingested raw. This species does well in wet margins of ponds and streams. Orange oleander aphids are inevitably attracted to this plant but pose little threat unless the population swells to very large numbers. This has the beneficial effect of attracting ladybugs, which feed on these aphids as well as green aphids, which feed on many food crops.

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