Invasive species on property:
·      Front pasture: 10 acres, lespedezia, johnson grass, privet, china berry, honeysuckle, kudzu is gone.
·      East propagation pasture: Honeysuckle, Lespedezia.
·      Creek drainage: Microstegium, honeysuckle, Lespedezia in sunny areas.
·      North area of ring road: Kudzu, Lespedezia.
·      West pasture: Johnson grass, Lespedezia.
·      South end of ring road: Lespedezia.
·      Lespedezia under clear solarizing plastic is not dying off very much.
Interestingly, the lespedezia that was treated first with black plastic for several weeks and subsequently with clear plastic had better die off.
Found two more Asclepias divaricata on property near western culvert.

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