1 ¼ inches of rain.
Collected 3 red sedges at the top of the rotten bluff.
Collected 3 asters in the bottomland.
Collected Hydrangea arborescens cuttings off of the rotten bluff.
These plants will go into forming parent stock for propagation purposes.
Note:  The deer have browsed the Hydrangea so severely that the only plants that survive are out of range of their ever-ravening muzzles.  The Hydrangea seems to have survived only because the plants have colonized a rotten 35 foot cliff that the deer cannot ascend.  Everywhere that the shrub attempts to extend a branch over the edge of the cliff, the deer have pruned it back.
The same thing has happened at the other side of the property.  There is a stand of Mapleleaf Viburnum on a small steep slope adjacent to the bottomland.   Anywhere that it easy to browse, the deer have eaten the shrub down to the ground.

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