Southeastern Wildflowers

Southeastern Wildflowers

by Jan W. Midgley

1999, Jan Midgley.

Illustrations by Travis Tatum.

298 pages.

Your complete guide to plant communities, identification, cultivations and traditional uses.  This book is great for beginners and veteran gardeners alike.  The first 93 pages are filled with information on the different plant communities found in the Southeastern United States, basic botanical terminology, cultivation and propagation techniques, and pollination, seed development and dispersal.  The next 200 pages are individual plant profiles, in alphabetical order of botanical names.

This book has been my first go-to when trying to identify an unfamiliar plant, learn the best place to plant a native plant, and when and how to collect and store seeds.  Each plant has a 1-2 page profile that includes a picture and covers common names, botanical names, plant family, a couple of paragraphs describing the plant, then very clear bullet topics describing; Flowers, Blooms, Leaves, Underground Structures, Seeds, Height, Habitat, Cultural Tips, Moisture, pH, Exposure, Propagation, Seed Storage, Seed Treatment, Cuttings, Division, Fauna, and Other Species.  The back of the book holds a bibliography, an appendix full of Native Plant Resources, and a detailed index.

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