A frontwoman in a pink princess gown and unicorn mask holds a painted banjo. She is flanked on each side by her 2 bearded male bandmates in flannel shirts and jeans. This is Heather and the Possumden.

The Possumdiva herself is coming to visit us at Beech Hollow in Scottdale.  We are honored, and maybe a bit terrified.  But Mike and I have known Heather since she herself was not much bigger than a Possum, and have been enjoying her music and antics for many years.

Heather and the Possumden will be playing from 12-3 pm at the Spring Fling at the Scottdale nursery location on March 26th.  Join us!

Ms. Heather's bio below:

"Heather Luttrell and the Possumden have been peddlin’ their whiskey-soaked traveling show of Blues and Americana up and down the East Coast tirelessly for the past 10 years, gaining fans, notoriety and a few speeding tickets."

Frontwoman of Heather and the Possumdawn yields her banjo like a weapon. At her feet, her drummer lies face-down sprawled in the grass.

"With four-part harmonies, acoustic guitar, resonator, bass, banjo, drums and kazoo, the band brings a big sound, often surprising venues and fans with the large powerful voice that comes tearing out of Heather’s wiry tattooed frame like a freight train. The witty lyrics of a storyteller and the voice of a gospel queen gained Heather the nickname Possumdiva."

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