Common Name: Woodland Phlox

  • Habit: Perennial Herb
  • Light: Shade (< 2 hrs. direct sun), Part Shade (2-5 hrs. direct sun)
  • Water Needs: Moist, Average
  • Height: 1-2′
  • Flower: Blue, Violet, Apr, May
  • Fruit: Papery oval capsule containing many seeds.
  • Fall Color: No
  • Natural Habitat: Woodland Edge, Upland Deciduous Forest, Bottomland Deciduous Forest

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Low, spreading stems with dark green leaves that root at the nodes put forth an erect stalk of flowers in late spring. The flowers are lavendar-blue with white centers and five petals. The leaves of this plant may start to look ragged in the summer heat, so interplanting with other woodland plant species can lessen the visual impact. Hummingbird Clearwing Moths and some Swallowtails feed on Phlox, as do Hummingbirds.

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