Common Name: Hearts a Busting

  • Habit: Shrub
  • Light: Part Shade (2-5 hrs. direct sun)
  • Water Needs: Moist, Average
  • Height: 8-15′
  • Flower: Green, White, May, Jun
  • Fruit: Red, ribbed capsule that resembles a strawberry that splits open to reveal bright orange seeds
  • Fall Color: Yes
  • Natural Habitat: Bottomland Deciduous Forest, Upland Deciduous Forest

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Woody, multistemmed, leafy shrub with mottled green and brown bark. Stems can be erect or prostrate depending on amount of light and moisture. Clusters of yellowish-green flowers are followed by a warty green seed capsule that turns red as it ripens and then splits open to reveal bright orange seeds. Leaves turn yellow and orange in the fall before dropping.

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