Join us on the Garden Path

Education has always been a part of our mission.

Join us for a blended offering of art, gardening and science classes at Beech Hollow’s Reading Room at 389 North Clarendon Ave, Scottdale GA 30079. This spring we are offering the Garden Path Series of classes.  These educational talks cover gardening, native plants, habitat gardening, gardening for wildlife, as well as how to maintain those gardens.

A carpenter bee collecting pollen from Hypericum frondosum, Golden Saint John's Wort.

Pollinator Week Census at Beech Hollow

Photo by Pandra Williams $0.00 with RSVP Add to cart National Pollinator Week at Beech Hollow Farm 06/24/23   10 am -12:00 pm Tanner Biggers First things first: Last year…

Beech Leaf Gate at Beech Hollow

Earth Day at Beech Hollow

$0.00 Add to cart Earth Day Walk at Beech Hollow Farm 04/22/23   11-2:00 pm, Tanner Biggers First things first: Last year we had 32 folks come out for the…

Southeastern Bumble bee.

Meet Your Native Bees

Photo by Pandra Williams $0.00 Bee Presentation at Beech Hollow Scottdale quantity Add to cart Meet Your Native Bees 05/21/23   2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Peter Helfrich Honey bees…

red pruners

Feel Empowered to Prune ’23

$25.00 Add to cart Feel Empowered to Prune 04/16/23, 2 pm – 3:30 pm Barbara Dorfman With the right tools, gardeners and homeowners can do the job themselves or supervise…

Small head liatris, or Liatris microcephala, a shorter but tough as nails plant that can handle the brutal summers on Stone Mountain in Georgia.  A great plant for dry sunny areas.

Xeriscape – the Dry Garden Fall ’23

$25.00 Add to cart Xeriscape – the Dry Garden 09/24/23 2pm – 3:30 pm, Andrea Greco Xeriscaping (zeh·ruh·skay·puhng) is a landscaping technique that involves conscientious design to create a drought…

Plant Selection_design_202108_Blackwater

Plant Selection and Design (2 part class)’23

$50.00 Add to cart Plant Selection and Design (2 part class) 03/22/23 & 03/29/23  7 pm – 8:30 pm, Andrea Greco $50.00, two day Workshop. Limit 15. During this two…

Patio_Small Space_2017-10-Longwood

Patio Planters and Small Spaces

$25.00 Add to cart Patio Planters and Small Space Planting, 03/19/23, 2 pm – 3:30 pm Andrea Greco   Even if you are restricted on planting space where you live,…

Plenty of nectar to share.

Invite a Monarch to Lunch ’23

$25.00 Add to cart Invite a Monarch to Lunch 04/02/23, 2 pm – 3:30 pm Trecia Neal In this class participants will learn about the biology, ecology, and migrations of…

Compost enriches your soil.

Compost: the Other Black Gold ’23

$25.00 Add to cart Compost: the Other Black Gold 04/23/23, 2pm – 3:30 pm Trecia Neal Stop throwing out the other black gold: nutrients.  Learn hands-on how to take garden…


Gardening for Wildlife Spring ’23

$25.00 Add to cart 05/10/23 Gardening for Wildlife 7pm – 8:30 pm, Andrea Greco If you have wanted to enhance your garden with more wildlife/bird/pollinator friendly plantings, but didn’t know…

Monarch Butterfly nectaring on Georgia Aster.