Small Head Liatris, Liatris microcephala, blooms abundant spikes of purple flowers. This hardy plant thrives in this dry, sunny habitats like this one on Stone Mountain.

Xeriscape - the Dry Garden

09/24/23 2pm - 3:30 pm, Andrea Greco

Xeriscaping (zeh·ruh·skay·puhng) is a landscaping technique that involves conscientious design to create a drought tolerant and lower maintenance landscape.  Xeriscapes are also designed to conserve the use of supplemental water. While the Atlanta region typically experiences generous seasonal rainfalls,

A field of bright yellow flowers grows in a sunny clearing on the edge of a woodland forest.

we regularly go through periods where rainfall is scarce.  These drier durations may become increasingly more common due to climate change. Perhaps an area of your yard is stubbornly dry ?  Maybe you are interested in reducing your water usage for conservation or cost reasons?  Participate in this class and you will come away with a skillset that addresses the challenge!

Class Sign-up Information:


Beech Hollow Intown,

389 North Clarendon Ave.,

Scottdale GA 30079

Date: 09/24/23

Limit 15 participants.

Time: 2 pm - 3:30 pm,

Cost: $25.00 for one class

Discount for 3 or more classes: $20.00 each.

Bio:  A professional landscape architect and certified arborist, Andrea has been working on projects in the Atlanta region and all around the southeast for the past 20 years. While her career has mainly focused on the planning, design and construction of

Professional landscape architect and certified arborist Andrea Greco is smiling in an open field filled with colorful wildflowers.

parks, multi-use trails and institutional site planning, her free time is spent gardening at her home in Decatur, volunteering with the Georgia Native Plant Society, hiking and kayaking around the southeast and observing and identifying plants wherever she goes.

Andrea became passionate about plants and ecological landscaping because of her love and concern about the conservation of animals including the furry 4 legged ones AND the ones with more than 4 legs. She received an Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia, an undergraduate degree from Bucknell University and earned a Certificate in Native Plants from the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.