waldsteinai lobata roots

Bare-Root Shipping now available at Beech Hollow Farms

Liatris corm in winter

Beech Hollow uses organic practices.  We do this to keep pollinators, wildlife, our staff and our customers safe. Meeting USDA pest and pathogen regulations in order to ship during the growing season requires the use of very toxic pesticides, which we will not do.  To maintain organic practices and be in compliance with USDA pest and disease regulations, we can only ship bare root during the dormant season.

The Beech Hollow Farm team is happy to announce that we are now offering bare-root shipping November- February!

After being approved by the USDA, and trialing different forms of packaging and plant preparation, we are now able to offer bare-root shipping to nearly every state in the U.S. (exceptions include: California, Alaska, and Hawaii).

We've scrupulously researched live plant shipping requirements, and have crafted a method to provide a healthy plant, free of harmful chemicals, that can be shipped right to your doorstep.

Box of perennials ready for bar root shipping.

Here are some important details you'll need to know before you place your order for bare-root shipping on our website:

  • A link for shipping on our shop page is here.
  • Bare root plants are shipped while dormant during between November and February.
  • We send out plants  on Monday or Tuesday so your plants don't spend the weekend in a warehouse. 
  • A sheet of information for the care and planting of your bare root plant, shrub, or tree, will be included in the package along with your invoice and the USDA certificate.
USDA inspector looking at roots.

Here is a peak into the process of our Phyto certification.  Pictured to the left, Grayson, our local USDA Plant Protection Agent, is examining our bare rooted plants and checking for any pests and diseases. Below is a picture of Tanner preparing to place the bare rooted plants in vermiculite so the roots will stay moist through the shipping process.


Tanner filling plastic bag with vermiculite for bare root shipping
Bare Root Plants Soaking in peroxide solution.

Pictured to the left, the bare rooted plants are soaking in a dilute hydrogen peroxide solution in order to sterilize the roots. This step isn`t required by the USDA, but we felt this was important to ensure that any pathogens or pests didn`t hitch a ride to other states via the root balls. After the plants have soaked for several minutes, they are rinsed with water, and placed in their packaging.