Tanner leading Wild Ones walk, Photo by Lindsey Roper

Photo by Lindsey Roper

First things first:

You are the best!  Yes you, don't look around!  Our Habitat Gardeners are the best folks around, and we really appreciate you!  We had 32 folks come out for the Wild Ones walk, seven cars drove to the farm from the Atlanta Metro area, and the balance of cars were from Athens, Oglethorpe, and several other surrounding counties.

Walking On:                         

After a brief introduction to Beech Hollow and the Wild Ones at the Wild Ones tent, Tanner led the group on a facilitated tour of the sun beds, the shade beds and the green house.  After the lunch, a stalwart group of folks took a hike down to the Beech Grove, and through the forest.  Some of the hikers scored a few chanterelle mushrooms no less.

Conoclinium coeslestinum, Blue Mistflower.
Hibiscus grandiflorus, Velvet Mallow.

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Bug repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Lunch
  • Water
  • Curiosity!
Please arrive at 12 at Beech Hollow at 1575 Elberton Rd, Lexington, GA. Meet under the “Wild One’s” banner by the parking lot. Here you can check out the pollinator and flower handouts, sign in at the Wild Ones table, as well as sign up for more Wild Ones' activities and events.  Join us for some short introductions before we start the tour at 12:15 in the Sun Garden.  This tour is completely outdoors so plan accordingly. Photography welcome.
After a 30-40 minute tour in the Sun Beds, we will take a lunch break with a presentation and refreshments in the Blue Barn. Drinks and snacks will be provided, and we strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask while indoors, and bring their own lunch. After lunch, we will tour the Shade Garden.
Later, about 2 pm, you can browse the retail area of the nursery, or there will be an optional 45 minute round-trip hike to the magnificent beech tree grove, which gave Beech Hollow Farms its name. We are so excited to get to meet you, and to join you on a walk through wildflowers!

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