white and yellow blooms of Eurybia divaricata

This week’s featured native plants are our woodland blooming asters, the Big Leaf Woods aster, Eurybia jonesiae, the Cornell Leaf Aster, Doellingeria infirma, and our White Woods aster, Euyrybia divaricata. All three of these shade blooming asters prefer rich well drained soils and open shade. The crown of the Big Leaf Aster  has big (often 4-6 inches long), handsome, blue-green leaves with wine colored petioles and stems. In late August through the end of September, the stems are topped with panicles of whitish pink aster flowers.   The Cornell Leaf Aster is a slightly taller, more slender plant, with a wispier habit.  It's leaves are a dark green, against a burgundy stem.  Dainty white, daisy-like flowers cluster in a loose corymb at the top of the stem.   The White woods aster is rhizomatous, slowly building a colony of heart-shaped emerald leaves 8 inches above the leaf litter.  The White Woods Aster blooms in September, through the first half of October.

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