Just Bakery sign with echinacea

If you were one of the lovely native plant peeps who stopped by during our Grand Opening this past spring, you might have seen some amazing baked goods as you entered our Wild Flower Gates…did you now?  Did you try them? Did you buy them?  Well, you should if you could.  The baked goods were an offering of Just Bakery, from just around the corner in Clarkston.  See more about them here:  https://justbakeryatl.org/


Because we looooove the Just Bakery project, and because they are so awesome, we reached out and asked if they wouldn’t mind joining us again.  But more regular like, this time around.  Like maybe every Saturday they can, as in a pop-up location at Beech Hollow in Scottdale!  We are very excited, and may be gaining a pound or two.  Y’all need to help us out here and come buy some goodies…

Just Bakery will be popping up at Beech Hollow on most Saturdays, from 10 am until 1 pm.

Just Sayin!