Went to Gene and Matt tractor sales.  Matt is a big, heavy-built dude who has a mutton chop moustache that makes me think he does Civil War re-enactments.   Bought a Kubota tractor, 34 hp.  It is a 0 class Light Utility tractor.  Its back wheel is huge, and this is the smallest real tractor you can get. 
In the east pasture, put down strips of 10 foot wide black plastic to test solarization for weed control.  There are 8 beds from 21 to 30 feet long.  Each bed has black plastic down for solarization, and the plastic will stay in place of about 8 weeks.
Walked the north boundary to see if there was any more ATV traffic.  Have not seen any additional tracks since spring.  Walked down the western edge of property , checked for survey stakes, found a few, found a pre-fab metal deer stand, rusted.  Mike showed me his path along the creek.  Partially follows a well-worn deer path.

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