Common Name: Star Chickweed

  • Habit: Perennial Herb
  • Light: Shade (< 2 hrs. direct sun)
  • Water Needs: Moist
  • Height: <1′
  • Flower: White, Mar, Apr, May
  • Fruit: Small papery green-brown capsule containing seeds
  • Fall Color: No
  • Natural Habitat: Woodland Edge, Grasslands/Prairies

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Star Chickweed (Stellaria pubera) is a low-growing, creeping perennial with an upright unbranched stem with opposite leaves topped with small flowers. The flowers are about 1/2″ across with 5 deeply cleft white petals that give the appearance of 10 petals with a cream white center. Flowers are followed by an ovoid seed capsule. Great ground cover for moist, shady areas.

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