Park Pride

Working with Park Pride in Atlanta Metropolitan Parks

Park Pride Candler Park 01

Public Spaces

We love our parks, and love to work with the communities and non-profits that keep Atlanta's parks vibrant.

Beech Hollow is a native plant consultant and plant provider for the following Park Pride projects:

  • Candler Park installation
  • Chapel Hill installation
  • Jennie Drake park - woodland plantings
  • Lindsay street - streambank planting
  • Freedom Park Community Garden - pollinator support beds

Native Beauties

Work with us

“I typically just send Jeff pictures/descriptions of a site and how much our budget is and he chooses the right plants for the location, attraction of a diversity of species and seasonal bloom throughout the year.  For a number of projects, he also came out and led volunteers in the installation as well.  BHWF is full service!”

-John Ahern, Park Pride

Sustainable Results

The Chapel Hill pollinator garden is an erosion control/entrance beautification/pollinator installation.  The Friends Of Park group for Chapel Hill loves this garden and is pushing for this to become a DeKalb Master Gardener site.

Lee F.

"Offering native plants, pollinator support, and now an education program, Beech Hollow Farm is one of Georgia's hidden gems."