Upcoming Pollinator Garden in the grounds of the Lake Lanier Visitor's Center.

ACE grounds before


This is the view of the Lake Lanier Pollinator Garden as of September 2019.

Coming Soon!

The Challenge

Built in 1980's, the Lake Lanier Visitor's Center lawn has always been a lawn.  Eradicating the turf is the first step.  Laying a good foundation for rich soils to build up is our second step.  While the winter weather is cool and moist, Beech Hollow will install a Pollinator Garden of flowering native plants.

We have selected 37 species of hardy, drought tolerant, sun loving native plants that will bloom from March through November every year.

Lee F.

"Offering native plants, pollinator support, and now an education program, Beech Hollow Farm is one of Georgia's hidden gems."