Community project: plant installation for erosion control at Freedom Park in Atlanta, GA.

Our installation of native and mowable lovelies at Freedom Park, 2012.

erosion 01

2010, Before

This eroded slope is located between the Freedom Park Trail and the Mary Lin spur, in Freedom Park, Atlanta GA.


The Plan

The Challenge

Often, in a large park, or other maintained, mowed, landscapes, moderate slopes of more than 30 degrees can represent a challenge.  Erosion may be caused by heavy unaddressed water flow resulting from development, mowing activities such as being scalped by mower blades that are set too low, or a site may suffer from inappropriate foot traffic, which amplifies the erosion process.


Our Solution

Since 2009, Pandra Williams and Jeff Killingsworth have treated problem slopes with a combination of sustainable and biodegradable products, to retain moisture and further build healthy soils and soil structure.  Beech Hollow has a list of recommended native plants species that naturally occur on thin and eroded soils to install on problem slopes.

Native Plant Solutions

Lee F.

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