Do you have shade trees?  You can still have flowers!

Beech Hollow Forest Garden

Once upon a garden

Inspired by the garden designs of ancient China and Japan, in 2019, the Beech Hollow Forest Garden was re-imagined and converted from its original organization of simple rows of shade loving plants grown only for their seeds, into a contemplative and welcoming garden space.



Shade Blooms

The Challenges of Shade

Georgia has 4000 species of native plants, one of the largest and most diverse list of species in all of the United states.  Many of Georgia's flowering plants bloom in the open shade of our magnificent forests.

The Beech Hollow Forest Garden starts blooming in late February, and doesn't quit until mid November.  Need ideas for your shady spots?  Email us, or come visit the Forest Garden.

Do you want a shade garden plan?

Lee F.

"Offering native plants, pollinator support, and now an education program, Beech Hollow Farm is one of Georgia's hidden gems."