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Since 2012, Beech Hollow Farm has provided consultation for native plant installations in public greenspaces, community gardens and urban farms.

Your Yard

Your yard is important to our migratory birds and pollinators.  We have quite a few customers who know exactly what they want to plant and where, but there are also customers who are new to both gardening, native plants or details of habitat gardening.  We want everyone who buys a plant from us to be successful in their gardening vision.  If you need any information about your plants, your habitat garden, feel free to contact us and ask.

If you need in depth information, we also offer on site consultation on the following issues:

  • Habitat Gardens
  • Pollinator Installations
  • Shade Gardens
  • Rain Gardens
  • Soil Improvement
  • Problem slopes


Jessi rehoming Rattle Snake Master

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Lee F.

"Offering native plants, pollinator support, and now an education program, Beech Hollow Farm is one of Georgia's hidden gems."

Kathleen C.

"Beech Hollow Wildflower Farm is doing the work.
It's one thing to discuss what needs to be done to protect our environment.
It's another thing to do what needs to be done.
Beech Hollow does both, and makes it much easier for others to do the same.
Great people, great place, great work!!"

Maria Z.

"Great native plant conservancy. Great hospitality!"

Virginia L.

"Fantastic!! So glad to meet this lovely and knowledgeable, hard working lady and find those native plants I have been searching for!"

Misty H.

"Looking forward to visiting Beech Hollow sometime. I love what I have that I've picked up at their sales in the Atlanta area- Bigleaf Magnolia, Eryngium yuccifolium (Rattlesnake Master), Pink Muhly Grass and Bee Balm."

Teresa B.

"can't wait to visit and see their native plants-they have a wonderful selection"