Invite a Monarch to Lunch

Although we are officially open on March 19th, Hannah and I decided to give the reading room a little test drive... On March 13th, we had our first class in the Reading Room, with Trecia Neal giving her talk "Invite a Monarch to Lunch."

Here is Hannah sitting by all of Trecia Neal's marvelous handouts.  Information on Monarch butterfly lifecycles, habitat needs, and citizen science organizations were all represented here.  Those small containers next to the handouts have several different instars of Monarch caterpillars wriggling about and munching on some appropriate leaf material.

Class handouts for the Invite a Monarch to Lunch class.
The Reference Room at Beech Hollow inTown

Next to the Reading Room is our Reference Room, with the combined horticultural libraries of both Wilkerson Mill Gardens, (Elizabeth and Gene Dean), and Goodness Grows, (Rick Berry).  I will be adding my own books on Ecology and habitat gardening practices to the empty shelves very soon.

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